A soft capsule machine with safety cover, model T-150S, is a fully automatic machine for producing soft capsules. This machine is designed with safety cover for operator’s safety. A ribbon thickness checker is installed on a guide roller at the left and right side each. According to the check result, the ribbons’thickness is controlled by servo system in the spreader boxes. Air shower system is also installed on transferring conveyor, to remove the oil on the produced soft capsules. The machine’s PLC touch-screen monitor provides an effective production management.

A soft capsule machine with safety cover / T-150S / Cube Gel

  • LIST
    MODEL T-150S
    Capsule Shape / Size
    Round, Oval, Oblong, etc
    Type of Soft Capsule
    Gelatin / Vegetable (Option)
    Die Roll Size
    Ø150 x 250mm
    Power Consumption
    Approx. Gelatin 9kW / Vegetable 12kW
    Air Pressure
    6kg f/㎡
    Touch Screen / PLC
    Dimensions / Weight (Approx.)
    2,000(L) x 1,400(W) x 2,000(H)mm / 2,000kg
    380V, 3Phase, 50/60 HZ